Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Fun!

We had a great time trick or treating with some neighborhood friends! We have a great street right by our house where the houses are amazing and the people just sit outside and pass out candy. Ellie and Anna both walked the whole time while Mary rode in the stroller. Anna was totally into getting the candy although she does not have a sweet tooth at all. I don't think she has eaten any of her candy. When we got home we had a few people knock on our door and Anna would hand them her candy. We went with a blue m&m with a cape that you cannot see. Ellie was "Super Ellie" and she loved it so much. Anna chose pink and wore a pink tutu. I planned on Mary being a cat like Ellie and Anna were so I could have all three in the same costume. I couldn't find the ears or tail so she was a cute pink bunny. It has been a really pretty fall here and we've loved the "cooler" temperatures. It was 65 deg. on Saturday and we saw people with winter coats, gloves, etc... waiting at the bus stop!


The Oakes said...

The coats and gloves comment is so funny! I guess it is all in your perspective.

The Penuels said...

Your girls look so cute!! Looks like a fun Halloween :)

Stephanie said...

Cute little girls! Is that Julia Morrison and her baby?? She looks so familiar, it took me a second, but it sure looks like her :)