Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday Night Live....

Well, since we are home on a Saturday night I thought I might catch up on the blog. We've had a good week and are home tonight watching our friends kiddos while they are out. We love them cause they return the favor often. It works out really well. Mike is watching the "Ultimate Fighting Championships" and is a little bummed cause the guy he wanted to watch is hurt. The guy also had a guy who is on staff at watermark in his corner (long story). However, we are still watching it and I don't really see why anyone would ever want to fight this way and it could be interesting when it is the ladies turn! Here are some random things from our week:
1.) I took Ellie and her friend to see the movie "Space Chimps" today at the dollar theater. I am very glad we did not spend more than a dollar on this movie. They loved it and thought it was so funny!
2.) Our classic pink toilet from 1959 broke this week. We now have a new one that our friend Russ installed in 3o minutes! We still have our pink tile, sink, and tub.
3.) It is supposed to be fall in Dallas, but it is still 90 degrees on most days. It is getting very old.
4.) Mike is training for a marathon in December and he is doing so good! He's up to 13 miles and is looking good. I think I am training for the 1/2, but it changes all the time cause of my crazy schedule, kids, etc.....
5.) Anna is talking/singing all the time now and it is very cute. She's becoming not so attached to mommy at home which is very nice.
6.) We cleaned out the garage all day and it looks so much better. I now need to do the house!
7.) Our good friend Sean came down for the weekend. He was Mike's roommate from college. We had a great time seeing him.
8.) We have been here for one year now and feel so blessed. We love our church and all that God is doing it here. It really is amazing to be a part of it all.
9.) Can you believe the election is in one month. A lot is about to change no matter who wins. I think we have lots of surprises still in this last month.
10.) I am reading the newest Karen Kingsbury book and it is so good. I'm sad I'm almost through with it.


Katrina said...

simon was bummed about the fight too...I cannot watch that stuff!

Tasha Via said...

I would have LOVED to have seen that pink toilet!!

Hey, I just tagged you in a MEME on my blog=)

amy said...

i just finished the new karen kingsbury as well. it was a good quick read... i really liked that she tied up all the loose ends w/the baxters! glad to see you back in the blog world! :)

Kelly Via said...

Oh, so sorry you lost your pink potty.

Wow, way to go Mike training for a marathon!!

It's been a year already huh>?!! Wow! I am so glad that you guys are loving it there!

Matt and Jen said...

glad to know the updates on the sheltons. sounds like things are good. changes are fun (especially the potty) and cleaning out is always so thrilling to me (when it's done)!!

Amy H said...

I didn't even know the new Karen Kingsbury book was out! Do you own it or did you get it at the library? Can I borrow it when you are done?

davidcatherinewilson said...

hey holly, i went private and didn't have your email to put you on. if you want to be added, just email me and i'll stick you on thanks, cat