Saturday, October 11, 2008

I've been tagged....

My friends Tasha and Stacy tagged me and because I needed a new post on something besides our toddler filled lives, I am participating!


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...Here you have it, folks: 7 Random Facts about me:

1.) I've lived in lots of different states such as Arkansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and Texas. My favorite of all is a tie between NC and VA. They are both beautiful and so unique in different ways.

2.) Since we've moved to Texas I have developed a strong craving for chips and guacomole. I love it and could eat it for my meal. Many parties here have it for an appetizer. I want to make it soon!

3.) Mike and I love to travel. We bought a timeshare off of ebay in seminary and it has been so much fun to get to go on vacation and stay at really great resorts. I feel like we work the system and get great use out of it. We are going to FL in November along with some free airline tickets from our air miles it makes for a pretty cheap trip!

4.) I grew up with all my family pretty much in the same town. I went to school across from my grandparents house and I stayed with them all the time. I loved having all my family right there. I have such fond memories of everyone being at my games or track meets. I loved Friday night dinners at Luby's or Sunday lunch at my grandparents house. I was really spoiled as a child with so much love and I had my grandma wrapped around my finger. We were really good friends and I miss her a lot as she passed away last year.

5.) I really want to adopt someday. It has been something I've always wanted to do and feel like it is a way I am gifted and have always seen it as a way to totally change someone's life. We will see when and if it happens, but I pray it does!

6.) I like to take a short nap almost every day. It is becoming way more difficult now with preschool and Ellie getting older. I function so much better if I can get 20 minutes of doing nothing on the couch in the afternoon.

7.) I like to cook and it has become somewhat of a hobby for me which is exciting to have something these days. I love to do it on days when the girls are both asleep in the afternoon. I brew some iced tea, turn on the ipod, and follow a new recipe. It is such a relaxing way to get dinner done opposed to when they wake up which is next to impossible.

I would love to hear 7 random facts about you. So I tag:


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Tasha Via said...

I love the dinner during naptime. I have been wanting to start doing that but now I am absolutely going to whenever I can=) Thanks for the motivation!!