Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's just a season.....and I'm lucky!

Well, the school year has for sure begun and we are at that point where Mike says "It is just a season" which means we are really busy where we are passing each other in and out of the door. It is really just a week where there seems to be a lot and a big retreat is coming up for student ministry. It also happens to be a week where Anna does not feel well and is fussy cause of having allergies/cold. I feel so bad for her cause she is congested and actually asked for medicine. Tomorrow night we are hosting the 9th and 10th grade leaders for a leaders mtg. We have them every other Thursday and this semester they are doing something different where they divide us up by grade rather than us all meet as a big group. We are excited to have them over, but with pre-school tomorrow it is going to be a really busy day. I am refusing to clean my house till tomorrow afternoon so the girls will not mess it up. They seem to be pretty good lately at making messes!
Tonight, I got to lead my 10th grade girls group for the first time. My co-leader was out of town and it went well. They are so sweet and really stand up for Christ at their school. We went out to dinner before and then did our small group. I am really excited to get to spend the next 3 years with them. I did feel a little old when we got on the subject of text messaging. I asked them how many they sent/received a day. They said most the time it is close to 200 a day! One girl said she for sure uses her 6,000 messages a month. I still don't understand why you would want to have a conversation by text rather than over the phone?
A big highlight of the week was I put my name in a drawing at our salon and I won! I get $450 worth of services of $37 a month for 9 months. I am pumped and know I will look forward to this monthly pampering session. Anyways, I hope you are all enjoying your week and you can slow down in the midst of busyness.


Tasha Via said...

You and Mike never cease to amaze me with your "luck". Congrats!!

That is too funny about the texting. I KNOW I'm getting old because I feel the same way you do about it. completely don't relate to it at all, except if I really don't feel like talking on the phone and can just text a simple message over...

The Oakes said...

our week has been the same way. it feels like we never even sit down.

congrats on the salon, that will be awesome. i'm never surprised anymore when you or mike win something. winning just seems to be something you do.

Katrina said...

So fun that you won!! I hope you get some time to relax

Kelly Via said...

Congratulations on winning the 1000 thing between you and Mike...maybe you guys need to enter our names next time;)

We definitely have the busy seasons too...and while they are crazy, they are also rewarding.