Monday, September 15, 2008

Are they twins....

I get the question "Are they twins" almost everyday? It is normally when they are in the double stroller and you can't tell that Ellie is a few inches taller. They are startng to look alike and can share most clothes and Anna's foot is growing like crazy so I am guessing that she may be a little bit taller than her big sis. They are so alike and so different in so many ways. It was so sweet this morning cause in the middle of the night Anna woke up screaming so I moved her to our guest room. Ellie woke up this morning crying and saying "where's Anna"? She was kind of panicking and when I told her that I moved Anna to the other room she said " I was really nervous, mommy!" Anna always wakes up and her first words are "sissy, bed". They play together almost all day and then share a room most nights. However, they are different in many ways. Here's a few I want to remember:
*Ellie was a paci girl and loved it so much. Anna sucks her thumb to go to sleep.
* Ellie is very independent and has never cried when she gets dropped off anywhere. She runs to the church nursery. Anna takes awhile to warm up and normally cries for a minute or two.
* Anna is a momma's girl and loves to sit in my lap or me carry her everywhere. Ellie loves whoever and will go to almost anyone.
* Anna is a great sleeper. She never misses a nap and will go right to sleep at night. Ellie would stay up till midnight if we would let her and never have a melt-down. She has an abundance of energy.
* Ellie loves movies, tv, etc.... Anna has never watched it for more than 5 minutes.
* Anna is obsessed with things like shoes etc.. and loves to carry them around all day in her hands. She would also love to have a blankie, but I try to limit our time with it so I don't have to keep up with one more thing.
* Anna has done everything early and amazes me at her lack of fear. Ellie has taken awhile to figure things out. However, once she does she loves it!
* I don't think either one is going to be a girly girl. They might surprise me, but so far they are not interested in princess or baby dolls. They love to play outside and with their friends.

I am so thankful for my girls today. We've had a great day in the "cool" weather (low 80's) just being together. I know God has great things in store for them and I am blessed to sit back and watch!


Kelly Via said...

Several things...this reminded me of our Mexican Train dominoes night when Ellie and Cana stayed up WAY into the night watching Cartoons and NEVER falling asleep!!

Kayil also loves shoes and likes to carry them around! She also loves to play outside, but she may just be a girly girl...she loves her babies.

They are looking so much alike!! I bet you do get the Twin Comment a lot!

Tasha Via said...

We get the twin question sometimes too, but your girls really are starting to look so much alike!!

I was just thinking today about some of the things that I am trying to hide away in my heart that I love about my kids too!

I was remembering the time you guys came here and Ellie was being super midnight. Very impressive=)

amy said...

they really DO look so much more alike than they used to! anna's getting so big! wow! hope preschool is going well for you and the girls!!! we're praying for you!

Jennifer said...

Hi there!
I am not quite sure how I came across your blog. But, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jennifer and I am a mommy to Addelynn and Alexander (8 month old twins). You can view their blog at:
Anyways, we get that comment, "Are they twins" all the time!!!!!!!! It just kills me. With having a boy and a girl it also makes my husband and I giggle when people ask if they are identical!
What a chore it can be to take them out but even more of a chore with questions like that! Ha Ha Ha