Monday, September 8, 2008


It is my 200th post and since I have nothing important to write I figured it was exciting enough to have written 200 posts! We had a good weekend that was filled with the following.....
*Mike spoke at a retreat for home-school seniors at Pine Cove Camp. He enjoyed it and quite a few of our students were there.

* I spent the night with some friends while he was away. We took the kids to CiCi's which is always a huge success cause of the games, pasta, and lots of loud children. Ellie had a sleep-over with her friend Caleb. They actually fell asleep in his twin bed and slept the whole night. It was pretty sweet.

* Saturday night we watched football and hung out with our friends Russ and Amy. We don't get to see them to often cause of work etc... However, we always have so much fun with them and can't wait for their baby to arrive in February!

* Sunday was a busy day as it kicked off student ministry on Sunday nights! Our church started a Sunday night service to ease the crowding on Sunday mornings. It is at 5:30 so I decided to take the girls at night then go to Shoreline (h.s. weekly event) at 7. It was really fun and we ended up going to the zoo for the morning. They loved it and it was like an extra weekend day. I won't always go, but Mike was busy all morning so I thought it might be a nice change of pace. It was really fun for Shoreline to start again and we are so excited to see what God is going to this school year. Mike's passion gets me excited and it is so neat to see him exactly where he is supposed to be in ministry.

* I am doing better this week as far as not feeling overwhelmed and on a routine. Last week was really rough with all the changes for school, small group, etc... We were all so exhausted by Saturday that we all took a 3 hour nap. It was so nice!

Sorry for the boring 200th post! Have a great night!


Tasha Via said...

Happy 200th Post!!!

Tasha Via said...

Is the hurricane coming close to ya'll???