Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Life this week....

It has been a good week so far and kind of busy. I had "inservice" day at the preschool yesterday and tomorrow is "meet the teacher" day. My friend LeeAnn (co-teacher) and I have been getting everything ready and I think it is all done! I have 7 children now in my class and it just so happens that each day there are 6 boys and 1 girl. I don't think I will know what to do with myself and all these boys! Ellie will be so excited about starting school next Tuesday, but I haven't really talked about it cause if I do it will be the only thing we talk about! Ellie's teacher asked if I thought she would need to meet her and get used to the room. I told her I thought she would be okay. There will be no tears from that child only sprinting into her room with much joy! Anna might take a few minutes, but she is normally okay. We've had some fun things going on lately such as:

Outside the Camp Leaders Retreat- Every year the student ministry takes the leaders away for a retreat right before school starts. I got to go on Friday night and stay in the bunk room with all the girl leaders. It was so much fun and I kind of felt old as I met the new 6th grade leaders who had graduated last year from Baylor. We have awesome leaders and I am so excited to start my new small group this year. I am joining an existing group of 10th grade girls who have been together since 6th grade. Their current leader just needs a co-leader as she recently got married. It will all start next Wednesday.

80's Skating Party- It was the high school ministries kick-off night. It was super fun and there were some great outfits that everyone put together. I wore many of them during my elementary school years.

Gloria's- Last night we went out with our friends Cory and Jamie to a fun mexican restaurant called Gloria's. I really liked it and I loved the fact that I didn't see one high-chair the whole night. Ellie and there little boy had a great time together. They love to have a sleep over and they actually went to sleep.

Clothes- Our wonderful cousin brought over 3 trash bags full of clothes from her little boy and daughter. I was able to give away all the cute boys clothes to two different friends who are now set for the whole winter. I was so jealous of all their cute gap khaki cargo pants and long-sleeved t-shirts. I have 2 bags full of girls clothes that I am saving for the girls for when they get a little older. We are stuck in our 2t and under clothes! However, they loved playing dress-up in the tinkerbell and snow white costumes.

Lawernce, KS- We are so excited to get away this weekend to visit Mike's parents for Labor Day in Lawrence. The girls will love it. Mike and I are going to the first Jayhawk football game on Saturday night!

Anna- My incredible sleeper woke up early for the first time in forever during her nap today. It was so strange to hear her early as she normally sleeps for a really long time. It just so happened to be on a day where Ellie is taking a nap. They are so different!

I'm off to figure out what to cook for dinner... Hope you are all having a great week!


amy said...

i know those little boys will keep you on your toes!!! it will be good for you to have a "change" from your normal girl pace, though! boys are sooo different! josiah is always turning toys over to find the wheels and battery compartment... abby NEVER did that! all the boy clothes you gave away sound soo cute! it is fun to dress them in khakis and polos! hope you have a GREAT first week of preschool! praying the girls will have a good transition as well!

Tasha Via said...

Hope you had fun in Kansas and fully geared up for school!! Areyna starts tomorrow! It just comes too quick=)

jenny said...

Hey! I found your blog site on Katrina's! Hope your first week of teaching goes well. We had Avery's first day today and she loved it.

jenny said...

oh and Avery was the ONLY girl in her class! Where are all the little girls??:)

Katrina said...

how was the first day???