Wednesday, August 6, 2008


                          At least a two of us are looking at the camera!
                            Anna had to spend some time in the bjorn again!
                               Ellie conquered her fear of the big swings.
                                    A beautiful river along a hike we took.
                                      Family picture on another hike.
                                     Ellie and Ellis at a horse stable. 
                                 Ellie: "Why does daddy make me do these things?"
                               Best friends! I love Ellie's legs in this picture.

We had a great time on our vacation to Pagosa Springs, Colorado. It is near Durango and such a beautiful place. I think it is my favorite in Colorado. We met our friends Cassie and Trevor there. They have two children close to the same age as ours. It was so fun to have another family with us. Our kids are on the same schedule and really play well together. Ellie loves Ellis. They have known each other since birth when we both lived in Virginia. Our timeshare was in a beautiful area with a lake and incredible views. We did lots of swimming, playing, hiking, and ice cream trips! Mike and Trevor played golf a few times. We traded off on baby-sitting so we each got to go out without the kids. Mike and I went to hot springs in Pagosa. There were 20 different hot springs that you got to soak in while overlooking the down town river. It was really neat and so fun for us to be away! We had many funny memories and I'm glad we ventured a road trip to get there. The girls did really well and it wasn't so bad. I loved the weather since it is 100 degrees here everyday!


Stephanie said...

Cute pictures Holly! Looks like it was lots of fun!

Kelly Via said...

Cute pictures! It is so funny to me that you have Anna in the Baby Bjorn! I can't imagine having Kayil in the Bjorn at this age! You are one tough Momma!