Friday, August 15, 2008

Amy is running today....

I think I have it figured out that my friend Amy is running this morning which is Friday night Beijing time. They just mentioned it on the today show and I think it will be on around 11:00 tonight. Set your tivo if you can't watch it. I know you will enjoy it. There are 32 women in the 10k and her goal is the top 10. She will be running against many ethiopians etc....Her teammate Kara Goucher has a chance to medal. Go Amy!
* She didn't do very well... I'm wondering if she didn't feel well. Her teammates both did incredible and one got the bronze which an american has never done in this event.

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Tasha Via said...

You know an olympian, Mike get's free chick-fil-a for a do ya'll do it???=)