Thursday, July 12, 2007


Well, it seems like there has been alot going on this week, but I don't have any pictures that go together so I thought I would post some from the past couple of weeks. I will start with a funny story. Last night we met a youth family in downtown Raleigh at Mellow Mushroom Pizza. Yumm..... Ellie liked her pizza and the family was 30 minutes late due to rain etc... We began to think this could get interesting with our two kiddos trying to sit through dinner for a long time. We did all kinds of things to entertain Ellie. She had diet coke with cherry (Mike's idea), played with their kids, and looked at video games. We decided to go to Krispy Kreme after dinner since we were already downtown. She had part of a donut and enjoyed every bite. We get home and we put her to bed around 9:00 P.M. and she was not tired at all. We bring her downstairs and she finally got sleepy around 11:00 P.M.. We were more tired than her. We will never do that much sugar so close to bedtime. We felt like awful parents.
I am leaving on Saturday to go to my parents while Mike is at camp. He's really excited about camp in Florida. I'm so jealous. However, I know we will have fun at my parents house. They are having an early birthday party for Ellie. They ordered her a Dora cake and some Dora balloons. She is going to think it is the greatest thing ever.
These pictures are of Ellie outside in her baby pool. She seems to enjoy it more than the big pool. It has been so hot here this summer that it has been great. The other one is of Anna at church. She is laying beside her good friend Hannah. Hannah is one month older than Anna. You can tell that once again I have a tiny little girl! I'm thinking we could have 2 members of a gymnastics team in the near future! I hope you all have a good day!


Stephanie said...

Funny Holly! Love the sugar rush story...I bet you were kicking yourselves as she bounced off the walls at 10:30pm!! I'm sure every parent makes that mistake at least a million times! You just might have 2 little gymnastic stars on your hands...that petite frame will come in handy for sure. I know you wish you could go to camp...I hate when Travis gets to go to something and I don't. You'll have fun relaxing at your parent's house though, just think of the extra help for a week! Drive safely...Love,

The Oakes said...

oh holly, how i wish you were closer. every story in this post is something i can totally relate to. i haven't ever given ellis a coke but i have had what i like to call "4 lollipop days". i also happen to be at my parents right now b/c trevor is at camp. i wish i could be there too but i know that i would just be chasing a toddler around constantly saying "no" wishing i could be a part of all that was going on and at the same time wondering what in the world i was thinking coming to camp in the first place.