Thursday, July 19, 2007

Birthday Help?

Okay, I need some help. I can never decide what to do for birthday parties? I always want them to be "perfect" even though I know Ellie will never remember it and Mike doesn't really care. I just remember as a kid looking through scrapbooks at all my birthday parties and thinking that was a fun party. I want Ellie to look at her pictures and think the same thing. So I am going to give a few options and all those who read this please comment. Remember her party will be on Sunday, August 5th and that is not to far away! Here are my two options:

1.) Party at the house around 6:00 P.M., cookout, cake, ice cream, etc...
2.) Party at a park around 6:30 P.M. with just appetizers, cake, ice cream, etc..

This is where the concerns come in.... at home we have no back yard so everyone would be inside. Although, we have very few "little friends" we would invite there are quite a few adults and students I would like to invite. I don't know really what we would do beside eat, presents, etc... although, i thought about making a slideshow with pictures from the past year of Ellie. I couldn't do this if it was outside?

The park would provide more room and I wouldn't have to cook as much. However, it could be really hot or rain? I also couldn't decorate really or show a slideshow. It would be easier though to invite more people and the kids could run etc... also, Mike could bring a moonwalk there.

My other thing I can't decide on is I do not like the whole "character" party. I know Ellie would much rather have a Dora party than a ladybug, polkadots, flowers, or princess party. I just think those things are so cute. I love the cute, sweet invitations, cakes, etc.... but which one should I choose? I thought of doing just simple invitations in pink/orange (dora colors), pink and orange plates, etc.. and doing the cake with dora.
Anyways, I know this is silly, but I would like some input from my friends! Does anyone else stress about this stuff? I haven't been able to post any pictures cause Mike has my camera. I wish you all could be at Ellie's party! Please reply with some much needed help! Ha!


Stephanie said...

You're so cute!! I can feel your stress just reading your post! Here's my two cents:
-I think you should do the Dora theme because if Ellie really loves her, it will remind you of that years later when you look at the pictures. She'll want to know that someday...all kids want to know what it is that they liked. Also, Dora is everywhere! You can find tons of stuff to make that fun and cute!
-I also think you should have it at the you have a park with a shelter? That way you have a back up plan for rain. Also, if it's at the park, it's totally easy clean-up for you. People can be free to be loud and run around and you don't have to worry about keeping everyone entertained...and who doesn't love the moonwalk being there?? You could still make a slideshow to have for your it at youth group or just print some pictures and put them on those foam core boards for people to see. I think you would feel better!

That's just my opinion...whatever you do, Ellie will love and I'm sure she'll look back and remember all the fun you provided for her! That's why we take pictures...even if it's not great, she'll never know! You can always tell her it was her favorite party!!! Don't tell anyone that I just endorsed lying!!

Jama said...

Hello. I do not usually post comments on your site but I do try to check it once a week to see any new pictures of the girls. I also make sure to show Reagan and Avery the pictures of their cousins so that they have a face to put with the names! I did laugh at your birthday stress and totally understand...I am already checking out companies and places to hold Reagan's 5th birthday in February!! The girls have been to a few parties in the park and they love them! If your park has a shelter try showing the pictures on the wall of the shelter or make a screen out of a sheet or something. The quality may not be perfect, but your guests will still love the pictures. Christy had Carter's first birthday at a park last Saturday, she decorated with balloons and then had photos of Carter on the tables and in albums. She also brought a bubble machine and their moon bounce and everyone had a great time. Park party tip: scoop out the icecream into muffin papers and freeze them in a muffin pan a night before the party...then at the party you are not getting sticky trying to scoop out melting ice cream. Everyone can just throw the muffin paper away. We do this for parties inside too, it cuts down on the mess and time it takes to serve ice cream to a crowd.
The party will be great!! I am sure of it. Wish we were closer so that we could help her celebrate it!


The Oakes said...

looks like you already have some great advice. you may want to look into the park b/c that gets my vote as well. It's a little bit different place for ellie so that makes it more exciting immediately. look for a shelter and i love the sheet idea, i know mike can come up with something. i know the kids would like the moon walk and im sure some of the students would as well. i echo everyone else in that it will be easier for you in so many ways, clean-up, food, entertainment, seating, prep time. i also think you should go with dora just b/c ellie likes her. you dont have to go crazy but stick to the colors and maybe have maps for the kids that are there to do a treasure hunt or get cheap back doesn't all have to actually say dora, just think of things from the show. i know that the party will be great.....and remember if there are cake and presents and people to sing Happy Birthday to them kids think nothing could be better. (Just enjoy how easy this party is, something tells me we will have much more to fret about when they are 13!)

amy said...'s a little late for me to reply to your post... but I agree... park it is! And if it rains, a picnic shelter is a great option! As for decorations, I think the Dora colors are cute with polka dots and stuff... that way, if you have leftovers, you could use it later with out it being "Dora partyware." good luck planning... can't wait to hear how it is...i'm starting to plan Abby's party not to much avail! let me know if you're able to get the slideshow to work outdoors!