Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Am I that old??

So tonight we went to the mall to look for me a new swimsuit. I remind you the past two summers I have been pregnant so I have been really looking forward to not wearing my maternity gear! Mike and the girls go with me which could have ended in a disaster, but they all three did really well. We start at Dillard's and there were lots of cute ones, but I wanted to check some of the other department stores cause they are normally less expensive. We head to Belk and I find lots of cute ones. I think they were in the junior sizes cause I picked Large in almost all of them. I try them on and let's just say they were not to flattering and I felt like I was showing way to much. I was so annoyed. Mike was in shock cause yeah I have had two babies since 2005, but still I am not a Large ever in anything. So we try the XL on and they were not to much better. So we are wondering who besides a 14 yr. old skinny girl who has not gone through puberty can wear these pieces of fabric! We look at the misses (mom) swimsuits, but they are so momish and I am just not ready to wear a one piece with a skirt going around it!
We decided I would go back to Dillard's another time this week cause they do have the best selection and I really didn't look much there. We ended up just getting a cookie (Ellie's favorite thing about the mall) and left to go home and watch Idol!
Jordin did incredible. I was so frustrated that Blake was up there. He is creative, but I feel like many people in our church can sing better than him. I wish Melinda and Jordin could have battled it out. Did anyone notice the last song was written by Scott Kirpayne? Isn't he a Christian artist? Anyways, thanks for listening to my whining and maybe I will have to move up to the "mom" suits since I am almost 30! Have a great Wednesday!

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cassie said...

I share your shopping frustration, and I think you are right about the 14 yr olds. I do wish that dept. stores had something between the juniors dept and the misses dept. becasue I too feel that I am neither!