Friday, January 9, 2009

My Big Girl...

I signed Ellie up for ballet class for the spring semester. I feel like she is so big and changing daily. I don't even have to stay for the class. How crazy is that? I will love to watch though I am sure. I did it through our city recreation dept. The dance classes at a real studio are a little more than I want to pay for a 3 year old who I am unsure if she will like it. I am pretty sure she will as she loves to do anything with other kids and especially if it involves movement. I feel like she is gaining weight for sure as she is so heavy to lift up into the car seat. I think she is still under 30 lbs., but is growing like crazy. Her favorite things to do currently are:
- drawing
-feeding the ducks
- playing outside
-anything with a ball
-tormenting her sister!
A funny thing she said yesterday at pre-school according to her teacher is that there was a boy who was having his birthday. The mom brought in sponge bob party plates, cupcakes, etc.... Ellie said "Sponge Bob is wierd, I can't watch that show" in front of the little boys mom. I am thankful that a few other kids commented!
We are finding out the gender of baby #3 on 1/15. It is only six days from now and I can't wait. I will be so excited either way. My prediction is still a boy cause this pregnancy is so different from the others. Ellie wants a sister, no brother for her!

She amazes us daily and we are so thankful for such a sweet little girl. Have a great Friday!

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Amy H said...

So fun! I can't wait for you all to know. I'm thinking it's a boy, too!