Thursday, July 17, 2008

Texas Friends

Ellie and Caleb on the 4th of July. I love their faces!
Sweet friends! They are about 7-8 months younger than Ellie.
We often join others for lunch and it is always "interesting"!
A few of our play group friends waiting for the train.

We've had a fun summer with our little Texas friends. It is neat to finally connect with other moms and our kids enjoy playing together. I am so thankful for this blessing of friendship. It means so much to me and is a real answer to prayer. Ellie loves to see her friends and talks about them all the time. I look forward to seeing them all grow up and we all pass through these trying days of tantrums, picky-eating, paci's, potty training and naps.


Katrina said...

I am so glad that you are our friend.

amy said...

i'm so glad you've found a "group" of other mommies... oh how i wish we had that! i have several friends with kids, but not in the same ages & stages! how sweet!!!

Stephanie said...

Cute pictures Holly! I'm so glad you have found your group of friends to do life with! That's so important!