Saturday, July 12, 2008

A fun and tiring week....

So I've decided this has been the best summer we've had since seminary days or when we worked at kanakuk! I feel like we are always on the go or enjoying time at home. I had a great week this week with friends and Mike. Here's a random summer week for us. What's yours like?
Swim at a new city pool (Texans love their city pool!)
Ice Cream almost every day
Reintroduce potty-training to Ellie.
I did a garage sale today. It was interesting to say the least, but I got rid of lots of junk!
A trip on the city train with my play group girls to a fun shopping area with the kids.
Sweltering in the 100+ degree heat everyday. Tuesday night community group.
Many messes and meltdowns this week. I went to the gym consecutive days in a row.
I showered at the gym which was very peaceful. I ordered Ellie's big girl bed (yes, my almost 3 year old loves her crib!) Five Guys Burgers opened in Dallas yummy....
I went to a fun baby shower for my friend, Katrina.
Mike sold his old iphone for more than the new one costs!
Swimming twice in one day on Wednesday and more baby pool today.
A little worried about what our electric bill will cost this month?
Mike's Moonwalks is back in business ha ha... He's getting lots of calls lately.
Mike and I wishing we had family in town to baby-sit and cause we miss them.
I'm about to start a new Beth Moore study and I'm so excited!
My sweet husband watched the girls for 3 hours while I cleaned the house and did some errands. It is amazing what I can get done when everyone is out of the house!

I hope you all have a great Saturday!


amy said...! what a fun summer week! i'm impressed that you all managed to do so many fun things!!! ours is more like VBS, VBS, and more VBS... along with meetings 3 days for me and 2 days for Justin! PT is going AMAZINGLY well... has Ellie picked it back up? We left Abby with my parents for the first time this weekend and went to a conference... and of course, she ran a fever while we were gone so she cried and whined and I felt like a HORRIBLE parent for being gone! but, she's fine now (and broke the fever before we got home...) but what an ordeal! i'm back to posting on blogger... check out my new look! :)

Kim said...

Hey Holly,
Find your blog through Katrina's.
Just wanted to say that we discovered Five Guys when we were in DC for a month. I was so excited when I read that they just opened one up here. Yum!

Kim said...

sorry- FOUND your blog