Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Estes Park....

Well, I finally got our pictures up from Estes Park. We loved family camp and I hope we always have the opportunity to go in the future. We formed such great relationships with our church family in a much smaller setting. There were about 300 of us who journeyed by car or plane to Estes. I am so glad that we went by plane as I cannot imagine driving home with the girls after a week of camp. Mike and I hung out with the students every morning in Bible study and Mike went back at night for all kind of different activities. Our hallway was so much fun and full of kids! There were 36 kids under seven years old on our hallway of 10 rooms. Ellie loved playing with the big kids and letting them take care of her. Every night we got to go to the evening program. We had awesome worship and then a share time. All the children over 3 years old then came in for a fun night of skits and games with their parents. The only bummer part of the week was that I got really sick the first two days and ended up in the E.R. to get an iv and nausea medicine. I was so sick and could not have recovered without some meds. I had a really bad virus and ended up dehydrated. I am so thankful for Mike who balanced me, kids, and his job so well! I was so well taken care of by so many and really got to enjoy the rest of the week. The YMCA in Estes Park is an awesome place for big groups. We could give any of you details if your church or family would be interested. Our church goes every other year and has it booked for many years to come. We are now recovering and getting used to the summer heat of Texas. It was so fun to see snow and experience cold weather for a week!
What the kids did instead of taking a nap each day!
We all went sledding on our free day. There was still lots of snow!
Student Ministry Crew in the park
All the "little" ones who wimped out during sledding!
We went sledding at the continental divide!
Ellie and her good friend Emily Jane
We saw lots of Elk and other animals
Family picture in Rocky Mtn. National Park
Where are Ellie's shoes?
I think I will always love this picture


The Oakes said...

i love the pictures!!! so glad you all had fun and that you got well so quickly. how fun for all of the TX kids to go sledding in the middle of summer!

amy said...

precious pictures! i LOVE the family picture... and never would have seen that ellie was missing her shoes if you hadn't pointed it out!!! i'm so sorry you got so sick at the beginning... what a challenge!!! how did ellie do with potty training on the trip??

Tasha Via said...

We flew out to and from the Dallas/Ft.Worth airport on our way here to Hungary and thought of you guys!!

Noah and Tucker's Mom and Dad said...

so glad you guys had a blast!! great to talk to you the other day. sorry the boys were alittle crazy. i don't think we're back to normal yet from VBS.