Friday, September 14, 2007

First Days.....

It seems like this week there were many first steps for us. Mike started his first day at Watermark on Monday. He had a great first week. He's staying in a family's pool house. They are really making him feel welcome and I know he's enjoying getting to know people. Their son who is a senior in high school at Highland Park High which is a very elite public school in Dallas. He's an awesome cross-country/track runner who is going to be running in college somewhere. Mike and the family were able to instantly connect over this subject since I made him follow the sport for so many of my college years. The boy is actually going to Duke tomorrow for a recruiting trip. Mike was able to tell them a little about Duke since we just moved from Raleigh. Anyways, I think Mike is doing great and really enjoying getting to work with a team. He has his first retreat next weekend. I know that will be a great opportunity for him to get to know the students and leaders better.
Ellie took a big first step today in learning to use the potty. I figured since we have time at my parents house we might as well work on it. She has been showing lots of signs of interest so I thought we would progress slowly. She picked out a "Diego" potty and it came with stickers etc... I knew Ellie would not be into the all day training thing and she would need a little more time. So after most meals I sit her on it while she watches something on PBS Kids. I don't know how to train her to just sit on it yet without something to distract her. At first, she wanted nothing to do with it besides just playing with it. However, she started sitting on it yesterday without her diaper. Today, she went a couple of times. She'd stand up afterward and say "all done". I've learned you have to catch her before she empties the potty on the carpet. She then gets a sticker which I think is her whole motivation! Anyways, it is a step and I think we have a while to go, but we are one step closer to only have one child in diapers.
Anna's first things this week is that she is crawling everywhere. She started crawling shortly after she turned 6 months. I remind you that Ellie did not crawl until almost 12 months. I think I have a very determined second child. She's so cute though cause she is tiny like Ellie and you wouldn't think she would be strong enough to crawl. She has also done so much better being in one place for awhile.

My big thing today was that I went to the dentist. I have gone regularly, but have not been able to have x-rays for awhile because I have either been pregnant, nursing, or had braces since 2004. I've known for awhile that I needed my wisdom teeth out. There are only three and it looks like only one is kind of bad. I have not looked forward to the whole wisdom teeth procedure. I've said many times that having a baby does not scare me near as bad as getting these teeth removed! I went to my mom's dentist and she's a really sweet young girl. She made me feel so much better and said her husband does all of their wisdom teeth extractions. She said they do it all in their clinic and that they just give you a pill that makes you very sleepy and you won't remember much! I will find out next week exactly how many they will take out and I should be able to get them out sometime before Christmas. I always dread the dentist, but today it was not to bad!

We are excited to see Mike and miss him so much. Ellie is praying for him every night and misses her crazy daddy. God has been so good to us and His mercies are truly new every morning. Have a great weekend!


The Martins said...

Holly we are so excited for you guys! I know it is probably tough just not having normalcy(?) right now, but it sounds like you are experiencing the Lord's faithfulness every day. You are probably looking forward to finally being at home!

The Oakes said...

goodness me im praying for you. you sound so upbeat about all of this change so ill be praying that everything remains that way.

amy said...

Potty Training! How fun! :) Abby has a Princess Potty, and although she won't sit on it except to read a book, we're getting there! She at least tells me that she has to go right before she does... but refuses to sit on the potty bare bottomed. I think my dreams of having her potty trained before Josiah arrives are fading quickly! We're praying for you guys during all the newness of the new job, new house, move, etc! I'm glad you get to spend some time with your parents before going to Texas! Love you guys!