Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spring is here!

The more I live in North Carolina I remember why I love it. We have awesome weather. We are 2 hours from the beach and 3 hours from the Mountains. We recently took our middle school students to the beach for a retereat. It actually was cold during the time we were there, but it was still alot of fun. Mike got in the ocean with the boys. I think he forgets that he's 27 most of the time! Anna went with us and Ellie went to Georgia to stay with her Nana and Papa. She had a great time and didn't seem to miss us much. I went to pick her up and spent a few days there. The way home was crazy. I don't recommend traveling with two kids under two years old by yourself on a long trip. It ended up taking us 9 hours with all the stops to feed Anna, change diapers, eat lunch, etc......! Since, we've been back in Raleigh the weather has been awesome. Ellie now loves to play outside. She loves to go on walks and see all of the kids outside. It is fun to live in a neighborhood where people are outside all the time. The children here are always on their bikes or playing outside. Ellie loves to say "Hiiiiii" to them. I am also in a playgroup on Wednesday mornings. Most of the kids are around Ellie's age. We normally meet at someone's house. This week we decided to meet at a park and attempt an Easter Egg Hunt. Well, when Ellie stayed with my parents they taught her how to hunt the eggs. She loves doing it now. We always hide them in our family room and she loves to find them. She was a "pro" at the hunt! It really was quite amusing cause they all didn't really understand it. It didn't last to long so we ended up just playing at the park! Anna is doing great! She slept through the night this week for the first time. She slept almost 8 hours! It is nice to begin to have somewhat normal sleep again. She is smiling alot and enjoys her sister so much. Anyways, may you all have a blessed day!

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