Monday, March 5, 2007

Ellie Moments!

Well, I went back through our photos and found these from before Anna was born. Ellie's world has really changed in the last couple of months. She has a new home, new sister, new church etc... She was the center of attention in Georgia. She had so much attention from us and her grandparents. I often feel so bad for not being able to read to her as much as I used to or play silly games with her. However, she loves her new sister. I can see it in her smiles and how she helps me with diaper changes etc.... She's still got us smiling everyday. One moment occurred last night at youth group. I take Ellie until we are done with the games and music. She begins to be a distraction once her dad's message begins. Our friend Jeff was leading worship and Ellie absolutely is in awe by the loud guitar, drums, and singing. She bobs her head and claps during the songs. It was such a reminder to me that even little 19 month old Ellie is praising God. It was a great moment for us. Anyways, these pictures are some of my favorites from this winter. One is at her first basketball game! She loved it so much... it might have been the "Cameron Crazies" at Duke more than the game. The other is her standing in a chair. She learned to climb up onto the chair. She loves to do this now all the time.. We are now working on "sitting" in the chair. Have a great day!

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cassie said...

i added your blog as a link on mine so now i will check you every time im on mine. i love the picture of her on the couch. she looks so proud of herself. i dont think you need to worry about her feeling neglected or anything, she knows her mom and dad love her! miss you all