Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Conversations in the minivan and important stuff....

The girls have really been making us laugh lately with their amazing insights and childlike faith!
I love how Mike is the best story teller ever and is basically like a big kid. Most mornings he sits down with the girls to eat breakfast and I get ready/read Bible in 20 minutes these days!
Anyways, Ellie out of the blue said "Daddy, tell me the important stuff". Mike said "Ellie, what is the important stuff?" She said you know a Bible Story. It was a quick reminder of how they yearn for truth and important stuff at the young age of 4.

Yesterday, I took the crew to the free movie cause Veggie Tales Jonah was playing and I knew it would be okay if Mary was crawling around. In the middle of the movie Ellie says:
"Mommy, I want the real Jonah".

Me: Ellie. what is the real Jonah. Do you mean the Bible Story?
Ellie: Yes, Mommy there are no veggies in the Bible.

The minivan is always full of talking and wonderful conversations most of the time. We recently drove 9 hours to Kansas to visit Mike's family. It was a great trip, but Ellie does not stop talking all 9 hours. Anna sucks her thumb and looks out the window. She's the best traveler ever. On the way home after we learned our lesson on the way there. Mike told Ellie she could only ask 5 important questions before lunch. She tried so hard to think of what her 5 important questions could be and when to ask them. After, about 30 minutes she says
" Daddy, God made me to ask questions and that's the way that I am"! We could not stop laughing at our sweet talkative little girl.

The last one occurred recently as we were driving by the high school close to our house. Ellie asked when she will go to that school and I said well, I am not sure Ellie. If we move to a new house you will go to a different school.
Ellie: Mommy, we need to pray for someone to buy our house. She started praying in the back seat. It was so cute.
Anna: Mommy, I think Jesus will buy our house. Then, there was an argument about how Jesus could not buy our house cause He was in heaven!

Love these girls even though today I thought they were going to send me to the crazy house!


The Oakes said...

This post had me laughing and crying! Ellis is just like Ellie. There are times when my brain hurts from all of the questions. I have been known to say okay quiet time until we get to Target and then you can ask me two questions when we get there.

MommaRu said...

ellie has such an amazing heart.

Tasha Via said...

OK, so I'm sure you've mentioned it already...but why are ya'll moving?

You're girls are precious BTW!