Monday, July 13, 2009

Mary's first couple weeks.....

We are learning to be gentle
Happy 4th of July!
She likes her paci!
5 Weeks Old!
We've enjoyed baby Mary so much these first 5 weeks. She's fitting right in to our family of 5! She's for sure had the laid back "third child" personality. I really don't know what I would do if she was really hard. Here are some things she likes and dislikes:
When things are chaotic she loves to be in her crib where it is quiet
Riding in the car!
She's been so good at nursing and I am so glad.
She is really good at spitting up all over mommy. I pretty much smell all day and I've learned to just wipe it off or else I would be changing my shirt all the time.
Mommy and Daddy time after Ellie and Anna go to sleep
She is waking up around 3:30 a.m. every night and then back to sleep right away.
She is really sleepy in the morning which is good cause it helps me to start our day.
She loves to be outside in the shade while we are at the pool. She sleeps really well there.
She sleeps the best on her tummy. I've never had a tummy sleeper this early, but it is working well.
She always hates being put right back in her car seat after she eats.
Her sisters shoving the paci in her mouth which makes her gag.
She does not like the swing very much (bummer).
The sun in her eyes which is kind of hard when you live in Dallas.
Wet/Poo diapers
Bath time


Nicole said...

She is beautiful!!

Tasha Via said...

I cannot believe how old she is already! She is so beautiful=)

Stacy said...

She is so cute :)