Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009 and One Month To Go......

I am so blessed today by my awesome husband and two amazing little girls. We've had a great weekend and I am so thankful for my family! Mike and I went out for dinner on Thursday night cause we traded off with someone on baby-sitting. We used a Cheesecake Factory gift card and it was so yummy. We didn't even have Cheesecake cause we were so full which is very rare for us! Mike served me all weekend by crossing things off a "honey-do" list! The main one was getting our garage clean and organized. After, we did the tile it just got really dirty and crazy out there! It looks amazing now and I am so thankful. Today, I got to sleep in a little later than normal and when I woke up there was a balloon, flower, and snoopy card from the girls. Anna thought it was my birthday and kept asking me if I was going to get cake. It was also really sweet cause they both gave me big hugs and said "Happy Mothers Day". They've kept saying it most of the day. It was so sweet and was really the best present. We had an awesome service at Watermark and it reminded me that I have the best job in the world. I can't believe our third little girl is due in one month. I go this week for my 36 wk. appointment and we will have to see what the doctor says about when he thinks she might make her arrival. I am doing pretty good, but if I don't get enough rest I really start to get sore and exhausted. We have a lot going on until May 21st and then life slows down which will be good timing for this momma! Mike took these pictures today in our yard. Ellie loves to get her picture made, but Anna is not a fan! Happy Mother's Day to all my amazing friends and my mom and mother-in-law! Love you all!


Stacey said...

Love that sweet picture of your girls on the swings. Precious!

I'm glad you enjoyed a happy mother's day!

Kelly Via said...

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!! Mike showed some great photo-taking skills with these photos!! I too LOVE that swing picture! So good!

Speaking of pictures, I would love to see some belly pictures :)