Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Recap!

I don't want to forget this Christmas cause it was so fun with two sweet little girls. We had a great week prior with Mike being off work. Watermark takes off the week after Christmas, but since Mike is on a ski trip the student ministry team took off the week before Christmas. We had such a great week just hanging out at home. We got so much done around the house and laughed lots. Our girls were both in really good moods/behavior so it made for a great week! We are now back to working on obeying and all that fun stuff! Here are some highlights:
* Christmas Eve service at Watermark was awesome. I think Mike and I have talked about it so much and what a celebration of Jesus birth we had with our church family!
* I loved hearing Ellie talk and sing about Jesus' birthday. She is totally into singing all the songs she knows so we hear the same 10 or so lots each day!
* Spending time with my whole family in Arkansas.
* We were so blessed with amazing gifts from our family! Thanks so much!
* Anna really likes presents and loved to open them. It was really fun to see her get so excited.
* Ellie saying "one more present, please"
* Anna's favorite present was this crazy purse that holds little puppies. I saw it for her at Wal-Mart and she would not let go of it. She loves to carry anything in her hand and becomes quickly attached to whatever that item of the day might be!
*Ellie's favorite present was art supplies or the fishing game where there are tons of plastic fish that open their mouths. She has a little plastic pole to try and catch them . They also got a fun Dora tent, but we haven't set it back up in the house!
*Yummy food! We ate so much and enjoyed it way to much. My dad always gets a honey baked ham from a customer as a gift so we have it for Christmas dinner. It is so good. Mike and I also went to AQ Chicken in AR. It is a really popular Chicken restraunt in AR that is soooo good. They always cater to the President when one happens to visit AR which is about once every four years.
* We saw the movie "Seven Pounds". It was really intersting and I really liked it. Will Smith is becoming one of the actors where I want to see all of his movies. Mike also saw "Valkerie" and he said it was awesome.

Mike is now in CO on a ski trip with the high-school ministry. My mom is here with me and we've been busy here. She's helping me organize all the kids clothes. I so wish I knew if this one was a boy or girl cause it would make my process a lot easier. I find out January 15th and I am so excited. I am starting to really show now, but am still feeling good. I am so thankful to be healthy and not in any pain.
I hope you all have a Happy New Year!

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The Oakes said...

Holly I love the girls dresses! Did your mom get them again? Glad you had a great Christmas. I can't believe there will be 3 at your house next year!!