Monday, December 31, 2007

Snowboarding and more..

Happy New Year! Mike is in Colorado snowboarding with the students for their yearly ski trip. I think it took like 18 hours to get there. I'm glad I was not on that bus trip. I flew to Georgia to see my parents with the girls while he is gone. I cannot give any tips to my friends who have two little ones and are flying alone. I just keep thinking the whole time "I will not see any of these people ever again." I can say do not ever change planes and always get a direct flight. It is also so much easier when the baby is little and will sleep the whole time. I carried Ellie's car seat on this time with the help of our nice airtran guy. However, it is so much work to get it fastened in and get her into it while I am trying to hold Anna. I eventually have to ask a young girl behind me to hold Anna. It is so strange to me that no one offers to help. Also, once I got to Atlanta I had the car seat in the single stroller and Anna in the baby bjorn. Ellie walking next to me. It took us forever to get to baggage claim cause Ellie wanted to stop and touch every item. We then get on the train and Ellie is trying to hold onto the pole so she doesn't fall down. However, she doesn't really get it and eventually I just sit down with her on the floor so we don't all fall down. It is totally insane not to mention our $19 kohl's dvd player doens't work anymore and I had to carry Mike's work laptop on and I was so nervous about Ellie touching it etc... I will be using a wal-mart gift card to buy a better dvd player and a new movie for the way home. Anyways, we survived and it is so worth it once we get here!
I celebrated my 30th birthday yesterday. There's nothing like your 30th birthday on December 30th! Mike and I went to the Mavericks vs. Cavs game this week for his present and it was so fun. We got to see LeBron James etc.. it was a really good game and we are glad we got to go. My dad cooked us a yummy supper and got us a great cake. Today, is my mom's birthday. I recommend trying to avoid December birthday's if you can! Tonight, dad and I took Ellie to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. She loved it and I thought it was very cute as well. She loves being at Nana and Papa's!
Mike is in Crested Butte, CO. It is supposed to be freezing there so we had to pack lots of extra clothes etc.. He is really excited about the trip and getting to snowboard in Colorado again. It is much better skiing than on the east coast. I have so many fun Christmas pictures to post, but I don't have my cord. I will have to do it when I get home. I hope you all have a great New Year. I think my resolution is to run a half-marathon this year. However, I can't believe I just posted that cause I know that Mike will hold me to it! Anyone want to join us?!


the broomes said...

First of all I'd like to say that you are my hero. I still haven't tackled the fear of flying with both've given me hope that it is possible. Secondly, do we get to see you while you're in Atlanta?!!?? We are home from travel now--please give us a call if you can come and visit!!!!

The Oakes said...

you are hillarious. i thought of you today while we were flying home. i was also think i don't think i can do this alone.....maybe i will just live with my parents until trevor comes back to get us! happy belated birthday.

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Holly!!! Sounds like the game was totally fun...I would like that present also. You are a brave girl flying by yourself! I can't believe that no one offered to help you either, that seems so rude. Have a great time in Atlanta with your parents...I know you will! Mike sounds like he's having fun, Travis talked to him yesterday I think....he was very jealous of the skiing, not the bus ride though! Love you guys...Stephanie

Josh Via said...

Mike. One word. LUCKY!!!

The Oakes said...

we think she looks like me, but her cheeks are starting to look like Ellis, thus, like Cassie and her hair is falling out, it was so dark like mine, so, I am losing my votes.


Tasha Via said...

good luck with the marathon=) You are awesome!!