Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Facing the Giants

On this past Friday, we had family night. We try to do this every other Friday. Then on the other Friday's we get a sitter so we can go without the kids! So this past Friday night we went to dinner and then rented a movie. The movie was called "Facing the Giants". It is a really cool movie made by a church actually in Georgia. We've heard alot about it and it was really good. It was a football movie about a Christian school team that goes on to win the state championship. They had to overcome many obstacles to win and they all began to rely on God for strength etc.... So that night we put Ellie to bed, but could not find her "paci".... we looked for awhile and still could not find it. So we decided it was a good time to break her of it.... We were nervous of course because she has always slept with it since she was a baby.... As she fussed for awhile I began to think back to the movie and how those students had to rely on God for many things. I began to pray that Ellie would calm down and be able to fall asleep without the pacifier. She did fall asleep about 30 minutes later. We were so proud of her. It's funny that we were so proud of her for not sleeping with a paci. I cannot imagine as she gets older how proud we will be of our girls when they accomplish things! I can see them now running around the track! HA!
Anyways, she has done great since then and is now "paci-free"! Anna has never wanted one and I am glad so I don't have to keep up with it etc.....! We are doing well this week. The weather has been beautiful. Today we went to North Hills and met Mike for lunch. It was a great day to be out. I had the joy of feeding Anna in the REI dressing room as Ellie is trying to escape the dressing room. It's always interesting with two kids under 18 months. I'm sure I'll never forget these days.


cassie said...

horray for ellie!! i know exactly what youmean about searching frantically for a paci. the rei story made me laugh i can just imagine.

wes mcmurray said...

Holly, I love that story. Just the other day I couldn't find Owen's paci for nap and I thought the same thing, let's just break him of this. Wes found it. Way to go Ellie - we are proud of you too. I am going to remember that story when we finally decide to cut all ties with the paci. Also, I think your family night/every other week date night is a great idea!! You guys are the cutest family!!